All About Company Registration

Company registration Hong Kong: For doing business here, it’s a natural choice to incorporate a Hong Kong Company to conduct such business legally. Doing business in Hong Kong involves a lot of paperwork alone isn’t enough for this country. Therefore the business must be registered under the Companies Registration Ordinance. It is an Act that governs the registration of business entities and their directors. By the time your business gets registered, you will be given several things by the Registry Office of Hong Kong.

Firstly, your HK Company Registration Number (HRN) will be made available for public viewing. HRN is a unique numerical code assigned to a company to help the Registry Office in tracking the progress of your application. After receiving HRN, the Registry Office will give you a receipt which you have to keep. You will also need to pay a registration fee that is fixed and paid from the Registry Office for registration. In return, you will have to provide certain documents to confirm the existence of your HK Company.

Registration will not be completed immediately. The Registry Office has a period of at least three weeks after receiving the HRN to complete your registration process. If there is still no response from the Registry Office after this period, then the Registry Office will inform you and proceed with the registration.

Your HK Company Registration Number will be registered with the Department of Justice. The Registry Office will also register the company’s director with the Department of Justice.

Besides, the Registry Office will also register your company with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. It will be done when your application to register your business is successful.

If all these steps are completed, the Registry Office will then issue a Certificate of Registration of the Company. Besides, you will be given a Register of Trade Mark for your company. You must take note that if you’re registering the trademark of your company in HK, you have to have an address and contact number listed on your business license as well as the official business cards. Of your company. Your business license can be obtained from the Department of Commerce and will be sent to you.

If your company is approved, your company will then be registered under the Companies Registration Ordinance, and you will then have to start the formalities of registration. HK Company Registration can be done either online or in person. Once you’ve registered, your registration process will be free.

Registration can be completed through the registration company, or you can go to the Registry Office directly. However, if you prefer to deal with a company, it’s recommended that you go to the Registry Office personally so that you can personally oversee the entire procedure of registration. For all your company registration needs, contact the Registry Office today for the details.

Registration of your company in Hong Kong will be completed by providing the complete business documents to the Registry Office. You must provide several documents for approval. The documents will include the full name and address of the business, the registered agent, the date of business incorporation, the official seal, the articles of association, the corporate seal, the name of the company, and the designation of directors. These are just some of the documents that you must provide for the approval.

When the registration is completed, you will need to register a company. The Company Registration Agreement must be signed and the Company Registration Warrant. Must be faxed to the Registry Office.